Everywhere. I read an extraordinary amount online and offline.

Today, in my religion we celebrated the Epiphany. I have a lot of epiphany-moments! Many in the solitude of a shower.

The moments are sometimes problem solvers while other moments give me the brass cojones to create a new project of value to my customers and the discerning seem to pick up that.

Every week I get emails, testimonials, and everything else trying to “clue me in” about how to do a better job for my customers.  Does it work? You tell me.

The latest? A moment happened yesterday while I was working on the Deluxe edition of Part 1 of the DVD on 1.b3. I am a little over half finished on this deluxe PDF addition. But during that mental-riot filled day something imbued, in me an idea that would help you and me in a very significant way to avoid losses and win more games (or bailing out when things don’t look so hot). The formula is fairly simple but the details will take up a lot of space. Those details will be in addition to the PDF you get if you paid for the deluxe edition ($45.00)

Perhaps I will offer a few more details in the next Blog. All I can say is that you can take what you already KNOW about chess and ashcan most of it!! (Mindblowing.) But there is one thing you will have to do and that is LEARN useful tactics. This is where a lot of these books on tactics (and not that many good ones) don’t help most of us. The tactics are so extraordinarily deep that it is most unlikely you will ever see them again! That’s disappointing isn’t it?

To me you need to know only a few things to improve your playing strength AT ANY AGE.

1) The right opening. Most people absolutely fail at this point because they are trying to memorize traps.

2) A pattern of themes to help in the early parts of that opening.

3) An understanding of how little your opponent will “know” even after the first time he has lost to you because the books on this system are pathetically useless.

This will be a separate product from what I am working on right now but what I am working on right now “inspired it.” You want examples? There will be lots of them. But the examples will be useful, important, and repeatable.

Stay tuned.

PS: I’ve been looking for a method to make widely distributed eBooks and not the stuff you see being pumped out by Everyman Chess. Let’s see what I learn. If you have any insight, send it on.


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