It’s not that I haven’t tried a new Blog Post, but I stumbled at the darn password point again. Then I found maybe it wasn’t my password but the “username.”

I have many websites that, as soon as I call them up, recognize me and say things like “Hello Bob.” Apparently, not WordPress. So I had tried checking in several times to no avail. Then, this morning  checked my “log book” to see what kind of nonsense I wrote there. I must have been on L.S.D.

Anyway, I finally got in. I know I had something on my mind… what was it? Hmmm.

Oh yes, Christmas. I found out the other day that Christmas Eve is on this coming Tuesday! That’s a clue that Christmas itself is on Wednesday. Time is not on my side! A bunch of shopping to still do and there is a forecast of bad weather today or tomorrow, and possibly on Sunday. Procrastination is seldom a good idea though it has worked in my favor before–preventing me from doing something too weird.

Have you been getting lots of emails from everyone offering you stuff you couldn’t possibly be interested in in a thousand years? Well, I am hearing from, it seems, everyone. Amazon of course because I have bought some CDs and DVDs for my friend Carol. I elected to use their PRIME savings and get the two day shipping. Naturally, it’s been past two days and they aren’t here! (Update: just showed today!) I know, Amazon and Wal-Mart never make mistakes but wow, I wish their were alternatives (though it’s a family joke about how much I dislike Wal-Mart). Some of the Amazon “alternatives,” you probably aren’t aware, but they are also owned by Amazon! (Bezos doesn’t like competition, and sometimes he buys them! He doesn’t like critics either, and sometimes he buys them too–see Washington Post).

So requests for stuff at The Butler have been slow the past week which, to be honest, has been a little helpful to me! How? Lots of detailed accounting stuff to be done for my accountant. No rest for …

A Big Thought

Only 1 or 2 people have asked about Vol. 3 of the “Inside Look” series by Purdy. Actually 2-3 months ago I had the material basically loaded into my page layout program. The problem was in trying to avoid “repetition.” That is, something used elsewhere in that original 4 vol. series. The best way to handle that would be to type out all headers and maybe the first following sentence. Type in the vol. # (original) and page # and do a visual scan.

Now you “might” be wondering, “Why do all this, Mr. Tykodi didn’t repeat anything?” Well friend, that is TRUE. But I have been contemplating adding some to the book to fatten it up some since the price had already been announced. So there is the reason. PLUS, having to get additional ISBNs.

Thus this spells an Amazing Offer

In the future I am going to create some very scarce products for you, #3 will be one such. Instead of the usual number I have printed, I am cutting that number in half. Sure, I will lose the extra 10% discount the printer gives me, but right now, all those extra books take up space and represent money long spent and… just sitting there.

So volumes 1 and 2 of Purdy’s annotated games collections including Botvinnik, Smyslov, Bronstein, Spassky, Fischer, Tal and the proverbial ETC., books which retail for $44.95 each, will temporarily go on sale for $44.95. Huh? Read on friend and you will discover that will be the price for the TWO of them! Please add $5.50 for postage and handling (USA only). 

This offer is good only through December 31, 2013. Payment by PayPal to info@chessbutler.com OR by credit card (MC, Visa, Disc.). Contact me first through our email address if paying by Credit Card. Be sure to leave your physical address and name.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

I will probably produce half the number of “Lasker and His Contemporaries” that I usually do tool The Butler produces good stuff in reasonable quantities but since that isn’t working super-well, I will have him produce good stuff in unreasonably low quantities. Ah, the price of fame.

Merry Christmas to all.


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