I am almost finished with the written part of Andrew Martin’s newly released All-Purpose Opening 1.b3 DVD.

I haven’t had this much fun in a long time and to do it with a game I was crazy about as a kid, that was gratifying.

You see, we all like to crunch the King–at least I hope so. When you go through the 40-50 annotated games of the NIMZO-LARSEN ATTACK, coming out as a Special Report within 30 days and part of the Deluxe package ($45 + postage) you won’t need tons of books and sleep inducing DVDs and YouTube videos to learn some powerful things.

Martin did a great job of breaking down a “complex opening” (don’t kid yourself, it is) when it came to piece deployment. At this very moment I have a plan or at least a quasi-detailed layout in my head for 1.b3 d5 2.Bb2 c5. I didn’t realize how much that black pawn pair was played in say a 12 year period, and not just in ICC chess. The great thing is that the “prize in the package” shows kingside attacks that will make your mouth water and your rating soar. This is the part I contributed–the written part, and annotated games. What particularly interested me were games Martin found which are not only elusive, but good and KILLER STUFF (making their appearance often just ONE time!)

Plus there is a 1.b3 Bobby Fischer games you probably have never seen. Played in Spain in 1970.

Also, as an aside, you might ask, “Has Magnus Carlsen ever played 1.b3?” You’re kidding aren’t you? It’s mentioned in my 2nd secrets book: Critical Secrets for Planning in Chess is one of the serious books I have written about chess.

It’s easy for the lazy to dismiss something they know nothing about or haven’t tried. People like that are welcome at most chess clubs as an easier form of “pumping up a rating for the player of the white men.” Especially after 3.e3 Nc6 4.Bb5. The games will show you how to get a Nimzo-Indian style of attack, beating up the opponent on the kingside… the Rook luft to h3 from f1–all the stuff written about in the old books. Drop me a line at: if this tease gets to you… it should… it’s real.

THE OTHER TEASE (truly in jest)

Last week I commented on the torments and tortures of chess tournaments.

While they were “true,” I was laughing while writing them. The main reason was that I was often selling at chess tournaments and the packing, the unpacking, keeping inventory up to snuff, people coming to my room before I even had a chance to get the stuff out–well yes, that cramped me. However, I did most of that only for the GOOD customers… the guys who would paw through the boxes and pay their bill in cash (i.e., not offering a credit card for which I was not yet setup)… often into the hundreds of dollars. Tom Moore springs to mind, a Senior Master. Master Bill Williams also. I guess the first thing some of them did was ask “what room is Bob Long in?”

Yes, there were some marvelous moments

But I will write about “life on the road” some time. I touched on it a little in my “semi-autobiography; “The Chess Assassin’s Business Manual.” Funny thing, those who really know me, know me! And we have some great times. But, 7 a.m. before the round starts, was never one of them.



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